Prickly Pear/Pomegranate mead

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Prickly Pear/Pomegranate mead

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This tasty idea popped into my mind while at the grocery store. Both these fruits were on sale also. I have around 7 prickly pears and 4 big pomegranates. I have a batch of mead that I brewed 2 weeks ago (just straight up mead) that I was thinking of racking onto these fruits. I made a blueberry mead over the summer and it turned out quite nice. All fruits in secondary.

Does anyone have any advice for me concerning using these fruits? What I was going to do is cut open and take out all the good edible portions, put them in ziploc bags, and freeze. 2 weeks from now, I will take the fruits out of the freezer the night before I rack my mead, let them thaw out, then put them in a sanitized bowl and mash them all together as best as I can, and add the juice and pulp into my carboy, and rack my mead on top.

I've seen some people really juicing prickly pears online to make mead, but I figured I'd throw it all in, juice and pulp. Seeds as well. Should I not add seeds?


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