Brewing helps with an abusive job!

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Brewing helps with an abusive job!

Post by Doc_Drive »

Hey everyone,

sorry I need to vent! Brewing actually helps me staying sane! My job driving me to the brink of quitting any day now and it is really bad - it has gotten to a point where my coworkers tell me that my bosses treat me like an animal!!!

So if anyone has a lead on a (bio)chemical engineering job in Calgary, please send it my way...

At least the brewing helps with the sanity! Perhaps that's why I'll be brewing 4 gallons worth of beer at the end of the month.........

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Re: Brewing helps with an abusive job!

Post by ruf1 »

look around doc, no one needs an abusive boss, iv told lots of bosses to ======== and walked out the door, life is too short for shit like that, good luck man and sit down and have a cold one, cheers

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Re: Brewing helps with an abusive job!

Post by lylo »

Hey Doc, maybe you need to buy a cabinet shop and leave your worries behind!! :stirpot: PM me. ;)
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