Brewing Has Turned Me Into A Freak!

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Brewing Has Turned Me Into A Freak!

Post by GingerBrewer » 3 years ago

I have quickly become addicted to homebrewing. I'm constantly looking for deals on bottles, equipment and recipes to try. I get overly excited about a bubbling airlock, so much so, I made a video of my airlock and posted it to Facebook, apparently my friends are not as fascinated by this as I am.

My house is already cluttered with gallons of wine, mead & cider in every corner and I just got started. The guys at my local brewing supply shop are starting to know me.

I am truly captivated by homebrewing! I may need help ;)

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Re: Brewing Has Turned Me Into A Freak!

Post by Venari » 3 years ago

The only help you'll need is on brewing day. Got any little ones who can help with hop additions? :P
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Re: Brewing Has Turned Me Into A Freak!

Post by SmokeyMcB » 3 years ago

Don't let it engulf you. Take a step back, and a deep breath before your next homebrew related purchase and ask yourself if you really need this. I got fully swept away when I started and now I have a ton of shit that I never use and didn't really ever need.

Homebrew sensibly my friend...
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Re: Brewing Has Turned Me Into A Freak!

Post by XXXXX » 3 years ago

I'm with Smokey on this. If you think you want something, put a 30 or 60 day delay on it. Make yourself wait a bit. If you still want it in a month or two, then get it. Avoid the rush to purchase stuff you won't need.

Also another piece of advice is to buy once, cry once. I went through 2 or 3 inferior and inadequate setups due to lack of spending money and my excitement when starting out.

It was very wasteful...I still have most of it and it never gets touched because it was eventually replaced with a proper setup.

Anyway that's my thoughts on the matter.

Enjoy brother
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Re: Brewing Has Turned Me Into A Freak!

Post by Reignman » 3 years ago

I see all of those electric automated home breweries that people have and thought it would be great to upgrade mine. Nope, I can buy a lot of ingredients for the price of an upgrade that may or may not make better beer. I am still hands on, moving hoses around on brew day etc. Still makes beer.

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Re: Brewing Has Turned Me Into A Freak!

Post by lumpy5oh » 3 years ago

If you wanna brew less get a Jeep; they'll take up some of your time and money! !
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Re: Brewing Has Turned Me Into A Freak!

Post by bellybuster » 3 years ago

Hi, my name is Belly and I' a brewing freak.
Ignore all these guys.... go buy the coolest gadgets and the biggest pots and have a crap load of fun for the next few years. After that you'll settle in and sell a bunch of crap on eBay and kijiji. those funds will buy grain. Life is good...please drive thru

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