Apfelwein- Anyone try EdWort

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Apfelwein- Anyone try EdWort

Post by jezmo » 4 years ago

Has anyone tried this recipe?

Award Winning Apfelwein Recipe (German Hard Cider) Apple Wine Recipe
Placed 1st in the Cider & Apple Wine category at the BJCP sanctioned Alamo Cerveza fest (out of 11 entries) and took 2nd place for Best of Show for the main category of Meads & Ciders (out of 50 entries).


5 Gallons 100% Apple Juice (No preservatives or additives) I use Tree Top Apple Juice
2 pounds of dextrose (corn sugar) in one pound bags
1 five gram packet of Montrachet Wine Yeast


5 Gallon Carboy (I use a Better Bottle)
Carboy Cap or Stopper with Airlock
First sanitize the carboy, airlock, funnel, stopper or carboy cap.
Open one gallon bottle of apple juice and pour half of it into the carboy using the funnel.
Open one bag of Dextrose and carefully add it to the now half full bottle of apple juice. Shake well.
Repeat Steps 2 and 3, then go to step 5.
Pour in the mixture of Apple Juice and Dextrose from both bottles into the carboy.
Add all but 1 quart of remaining 3 gallons of apple juice to the carboy.
Open the packet of Montrachet Yeast and pour it into the neck of the funnel.
Use the remaining quart of juice to wash down any yeast that sticks. I am able to fit all but 3 ounces of apple juice into a 5 gallon Better Bottle. You may need to be patient to let the foam die down from all shaking and pouring.
Put your stopper or carboy cap on with an airlock and fill the airlock with cheap vodka. No bacteria will live in vodka and if you get suckback, you just boosted the abv.

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Re: Apfelwein- Anyone try EdWort

Post by Warthaug » 4 years ago

I've not made the exact recipe, but I've made similar apple wines. Its pretty good.
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Re: Apfelwein- Anyone try EdWort

Post by flatsix » 4 years ago

I've made a couple batches. Ridiculously easy.
I took a keg to a party recently along with a keg of my American Amber. The Apfelwein keg went dry much more quickly than my ale. Kinda hurt my feelings actually :(

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Re: Apfelwein- Anyone try EdWort

Post by SmokeyMcB » 4 years ago

I made some crab apfelwein last fall. It was delicious, its also all gone...
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Re: Apfelwein- Anyone try EdWort

Post by Genghis » 4 years ago

I have a carboy dedicated to making this stuff. I think batch #5 (or #6) is currently fermenting.

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Re: Apfelwein- Anyone try EdWort

Post by councilxvb32 » 3 years ago

very good :)

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Re: Apfelwein- Anyone try EdWort

Post by JimmehBrew » 3 years ago

My favourite by far, with Brown sugar and SO4 yeast, keg, carb and enjoy sparkling .......I wear briefs but I do enjoy a good sparkling Apple wine/cider :cheers:

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