C02 cost

You can't leave your homebrew in primary forever! Let's talk about storage.
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Re: C02 cost

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I,m in Edmonton every 2-3 months I will be checking out the recharge place for sure

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Re: C02 cost

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Doc_Drive wrote:I'm going to the recharge center as well (albeit here in Calgary). No need to go to specialized gas suppliers if you can get the CO2 from the firefighters! :)

+1 doc- i bought an aluminum 20 lb tank brand new from OBK, i payed 31.00 for a fill at fire supply place that refills fire extinguishers,i was of the opinion that beverage grade CO2 was so much purer than other CO2 untill i talked to airliuide sales rep, CO2 is pretty pure to start with and wont hurt to use with carbed beverages.

I used to lease a 20lb for 53.00 a year and paid 43or 45.00for a refill, the biggest reason for switching to my own tank was the cost of rental and fill,the 2nd reason was all the bull shit from airliquide IE- bills keep coming that say i didnt pay when i have recite saying otherwise,then the letter saying the unpaid bill was going to collection company.......i didnt need that kind of bull shit.

good luck at finding another supplier oilguy. :cheers:

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Re: C02 cost

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I live in Burlington Ontario and get my 5# bottles filled in Hamilton $15 a fill incl. tax for cash.

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Re: C02 cost

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Brian, that is a good price for 5 lbs.

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