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Kegerator Panic! Well, sorta.

Posted: |07 Jul 2019|, 23:24
by Mr_Tastyfish
So last night I had a friend over and went to pour a pint from my kegerator, only to receive a glass full of foam. I tried again (for science) with the same result. Panic setting in, I looked inside to see what was going on. This tap poured fine the day before. Checked the gauge on the regulator... still seems to be set at 10psi like i had it. That's when I noticed that nothing inside the unit was cold anymore, and that it wasn't running. :O
One more thing to check, turn on the guitar amplifier... also dead. Aha! Now we're getting somewhere. The odds of both appliances conking out simultaneously are incredibly low, so it must be the outlet they're plugged into. Strange that nothing else in the apartment seems affected. It's not as if I tripped a breaker or blew a fuse.

My landlord seems equally confused, but gave me an extension cord so I could use a different outlet. Good news, my kegerator is still running and once again pours as normal. Crisis averted.

Re: Kegerator Panic! Well, sorta.

Posted: |08 Jul 2019|, 07:42
by Reignman
Could be a faulty breaker. Mine broke many years ago. My neighbour replaced it and that was that.