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Loose dip tube

Posted: |28 Apr 2019|, 23:27
by Yamashee
So I bought a couple corny kegs off kijiji. They did not have dip tubes in them. No big deal right. I bought tubes and the o-rings. When I put them in and tighten the post they don't seem to tighten. I can still move the dip tunes around a lot. This doesn't seem right to me. I am slowly getting into kegging and that was my first step. Am I missing something?

Re: Loose dip tube

Posted: |29 Apr 2019|, 05:43
by Reignman
Not all dip tubes fit all kegs. I have 10 kegs and most of them are different. Some dip tubes have that outside piece on them that keeps them from turning when you tighten them. Are you talking gas or beer dip tubes? You have to match your dip tubes with the maker of the keg, usually stamped on the outside of the keg.