Replacing bottling bucket

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Replacing bottling bucket

Post by EvilGobi » 2 years ago

Hey everybody.
Im looking into replacing all my bottling stuff and was wondering if someone might be able to answer a question for me. All of the buckets I've found recently have been 20L size. Except one that my butcher hooked me up with, the thing is it previously contained "hog casings". After an oxyclean soak and a good Starsanning, is this bucket going to be alright to use for bottling? Any body have any ideas about this?


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Re: Replacing bottling bucket

Post by Reignman » 2 years ago

Does it smell? Are there any scratches inside where bacteria can hide? What are hog casings? Even if it looks fine, why take the risk? I have a dedicated bottling bucket I use for bottling only.

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Re: Replacing bottling bucket

Post by Warthaug » 2 years ago

Hog casings are the intestinal lining of pigs, used for sausage casings. They are food-safe (obviously) and shouldn't carry any risk of contaminating your beer more than any other food (they are packed in salt; the bucket is used for washing the salt off).

I'd check the inside of the bucket closely for scratches and scuffs - if there are few/none, you should be good to go. Any extensive (or deep) scratching may represent an infection risk.

For cleaning, I'd do exactly what you did - clean with oxy/PBW (scrub the bucket lightly with paper towel during this step, rinse well, then give it an overnight soak in starsan.
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