Is this safe to carbonate in?

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Is this safe to carbonate in?

Post by lakerfan824 »

I got one of these from OBK: ... ng-top.htm

I was wondering if I would be safe to bottle & condition into this, or is it just meant for taking beer off the keg?

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Re: Is this safe to carbonate in?

Post by Mr_Tastyfish »

I'm pretty sure that they were designed and manufactured as a way of making kegged homebrew more portable. However, I don't see any reason why one of these would be any less safe than a glass swing-top bottle. As long as you observe the same safety precautions as you would with glass or plastic bottles, there should be no issues using stainless.

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Re: Is this safe to carbonate in?

Post by interior_mike »

i've got a couple of these for taking on the road. I wonder though if the clamp could take pressurization; anyways curious how it turned out

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Re: Is this safe to carbonate in?

Post by Wingeezer »

I think it should be safe as long as you don't seriously over carbonate - and if anything would be safer than Grolsch bottles in that any failure would not be potentially dangerous (no flying glass!)

Actually - I would think that even with a Grolsch bottle, the wires holding the stopper might bend and release the top before the bottle breaks anyway - just my feeling, does anyone know from experience!?

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