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Faulty Regulator

Posted: |15 Jul 2015|, 18:32
by Windsorbrew
I came home from work today only to discover my 5lb CO2 tank is empty. Last night it was between 600 and 800 in the "order gas" range. One Keg is completely void of CO2, the other is spitting out 3/4 of a glass of pure foam (Still has CO2 in keg). I had a couple beers last night so I am a tad confused as to how this happened so quickly. Last week I noticed that the regulator jumped from 10 to 25 PSI so I purged the excess CO2 from the kegs and there wasn't any issues. Is my regulator faulty? How can a keg be completely out of CO2 while the other is filled?

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Re: Faulty Regulator

Posted: |15 Jul 2015|, 19:39
by bellybuster
leak.... if its a single product reg with a "y" for 2 kegs, it probably has check valves. quite possible to have one keg leak and the other stay pressurized

Re: Faulty Regulator

Posted: |16 Jul 2015|, 05:05
by Windsorbrew
Why would the one keg be pushing out 3/4 foam all the sudden?

Re: Faulty Regulator

Posted: |17 Jul 2015|, 11:10
by Lead Loader
too much or not enough pressure causes turbulence in the lines causing it to foam as its dispensed.

Re: Faulty Regulator

Posted: |17 Jul 2015|, 16:45
by Windsorbrew
I had my CO2 tank refilled, hooked it up and the main O-Ring was leaking like a sieve. I cleaned the O-ring/mating surface and resealed it with CO2 and all is well. Good call with the leaky keg!!! I just cant understand how a keg that has been sealed for 2 weeks would blow at the O-Ring??? O-Ring is only 6 weeks old with no cracks or divots (if that is the case). Currently I only open the manifold valve when I need a beer from that keg, this just makes me a little paranoid!

My "Foamy" Keg went back to it's normal state after reconnecting the CO2 another good call for the lack of pressure. :rockon:

Thanks guys, I appreciate the help!!