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EZ Cap 500mL bottles

Posted: |10 Jul 2015|, 17:49
by Kamgator
Apologies if this is in the wrong area but I am trying to find a fair value for them as prices seem to be as high as $68/doz. on Amazon to $27/doz. in Toronto.

Moving to my keg setup right away and have 9 dozen EZ Cap bottles I need to get rid of as well as 15 or 16 1L swing tops (Howe Sound Brewing). I'm just trying to gauge if there is any interest here before I put them up for sale on the board or locally (I am in Kamloops BC).

If there is any demand for these types of bottles I will move them to the "for sale" area with an appropriate price.

Re: EZ Cap 500mL bottles

Posted: |13 Jul 2015|, 02:12
by Winger
I'd say supply and demand economics is the order of the day. You can ask any price you choose, the buyer can offer any amount they choose. The result will be somewhere in between.