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Leaking gas from quick connect

Posted: |28 Mar 2015|, 08:22
by Venari
I've noticed a rather large decrease in the amount of gas in my CO2 tank (I don't think the dial needle on the regulator is supposed to move that much from carbing), and have found the problem to be a leak that seems to come and go at the gas QC on the keg (ball lock).

What are trouble shooting steps to see if I need a new post, or simply replace the o-rings? Could I need a new grey QC?

Re: Leaking gas from quick connect

Posted: |28 Mar 2015|, 11:13
by OntarioBeerkegs
Start with ensuring you have the right disconnect. White/Gray goes on the gas post. The gas post can be identified by having notches on the side of the nut or the nut is a star shaped.
Ensure your poppet is free of debris and is travelling to a full open position with no obstructions.
Universal poppets may need to have a coil trimmed off to increase space inside the post it can compress. (bottoming out)
Ensure you have the correct size o-ring on the post and it is lubricated and in good shape. Replace as needed.
Inspect the disconnect for dislodged bearings.

Re: Leaking gas from quick connect

Posted: |28 Mar 2015|, 13:26
by jamatron
There is also a slot on the top of the QD for a flathead screwdiver to dismantle it, make sure its tight and not loose, i've had gas leak from there before

Re: Leaking gas from quick connect

Posted: |29 Mar 2015|, 11:18
by Wingeezer
I would first immerse the connector under water (while gas pressure is on) to see where the leak is from - it could be for example

- from the hose connection
- from a crack in the plastic
- from a leaking cap screw or seal.

If you unscrew the cap the whole thing comes apart easily. I have had good luck in fixing leaking valves in the connector just by dismantling, making sure the valve seat is clean, putting a little O-ring grease on the O-ring and re-assembling.

On another connector one time, I did find a crack in the plastic and had to discard the connector.

Over the few years I have been brewing, I have lost a couple of full 5# tanks of CO2 through leaks. Frustrating! What I do now - except when I leave the gas pressure on to carbonate, is to shut the bottle valve whenever I am not actually using the kegerator for a "Session!"