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CPBF Lagers

Posted: |01 Feb 2015|, 09:19
by Reignman
I am going to dig out my counter pressure bottle filler and start to store my lagers for the summer months. I have limited keg space, so they will only get a few weeks in the keg and then into the bottles. I can't store the bottles cold, just in my basement which is cool now, but come spring/summer with be around 22 C - 25 C. Will the somewhat warm storage harm the lagers? These are around 4.5% to 5% Helles beers that I want to drink in the summer and am currently brewing up now.



Re: CPBF Lagers

Posted: |01 Feb 2015|, 18:51
by SeanGodd
Were you able to lager them a bit before this warm storage? I would think that as long as you can get the 1-2 months of lagering then warm storage shouldn't harm them. But I'm not a lager guy. I just started brewing lagers and I keg.

Re: CPBF Lagers

Posted: |02 Feb 2015|, 10:01
by Reignman
I can't lager them that long. I want to fill the pipeline with lagers for the summer. I'll see how it goes for awhile. I have until May before I need to start bottling them.