First bottling

You can't leave your homebrew in primary forever! Let's talk about storage.
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Re: First bottling

Post by Goulaigan » 5 years ago

Hard to say but most likely just needs another week or 2... Also, I have noticed at least for me, that I get better head retention when I rinse my glass first, I think it has something to do with the rinse aid we use in our dish washer, of course for the second, third etc., beers this is not necessary. Although this doesn't cause no head, just a bit less...

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Re: First bottling

Post by SeanGodd » 5 years ago

You are prob just getting "newb Carb" it prob needs another week or 2 @ room temp. Normally I leave me beer @ room temp for 2-3 weeks then chill it down for more. It is very tempting to drink it right away but I will get better with time. Hide 6 pints and try them in a month or two. But I am in the middle of building my Kegerator so I should have to wait so long now ;)

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Re: First bottling

Post by jamatron » 5 years ago

SeanGodd wrote: Hide 6 pints and try them in a month or two.
I've tried this approach before, but it seemed that when my batch ran out i always found them right away :D
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Re: First bottling

Post by Vuko » 5 years ago

Haha yes, I'm als trying to hide them but unfortunately I always find them... Well, at least I am learning the taste improvement. Each day after work, I open a bottle, and compare with the last one. It's getting better and better, and I already like it. The taste of the yeast is slowly disappearing but I've still got the problem with the foam. Not enough carbonated. Surely because of the unstable temperature in my garage. Next time I will check more the temp. !!!

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