Ball Lock or Pin Lock??

You can't leave your homebrew in primary forever! Let's talk about storage.
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Re: Ball Lock or Pin Lock??

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Scrap metal places are also good to call, I've bought 8 kegs in total from a guy in Moncton that has a scrapyard. Lot of those kegs ended up in scrapyards from distribution centers and restaurants.
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Re: Ball Lock or Pin Lock??

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I considered converting to sanke style kegs...but buying 4-6 couplers was enough to deter that idea!

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Re: Ball Lock or Pin Lock??

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TRG wrote:but buying 4-6 couplers was enough to deter that idea!
tell me about it.. I just want to buy 2 for an upcoming wedding and thats enough to give you heart pain.

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Re: Ball Lock or Pin Lock??

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i use both ball lock and pin lock, i have two pin lock (5gal) and one ball lock (3gal) because my kegerator wont fit the two pin locks i had to get the small guy, it a pain with changing fittings for transferring and bottling but im making it work, keep in mind that the 4 pack of pin locks from obk were refurbished as the ball lock ones are new and thats why the big price difference. i have a coca cola plant a stones throw away from me but i never thought of going to ask them (gonna do that tomorrow) id like to get two ball lock (5gal) (which should fit as they are slimmer) for in the kegerator and use pinlock for winter storage of beer and just transfer when i need to. as for sanke i still think that prices are too high to get into this yet unless you find a bar going out of buisness. good luck with kegging, its so worth it
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