Yeast washing- yeast starters?

You can't leave your homebrew in primary forever! Let's talk about storage.
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Re: Yeast washing- yeast starters?

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Great! Thx again Warthaug. As usually a very helpful and informative answer.

I plan on getting my stir plat soon. And so far have made a starter for every batch I've made. So it is great to hear I can go 10 gen. I won't start to wash until I find what strain I want to keep as my house strain.

As for the freezing I will wait till I have a little more experience with the process :)

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Re: Yeast washing- yeast starters?

Post by ruf1 »

i am sure seangodd will appreciate the expert opinion of a scientist, and the time you put in to entering that info,your an awesome guy warthawg and a very good asset to this brewing comunity, thank you... :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :D

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Re: Yeast washing- yeast starters?

Post by Doc_Drive »

Freezing yeast is extremely easy! Or you take a step back and do slants/plates and keep them in the fridge... THey'll be good that way for a few months... My frozen yeast strain count is not at +/- 10... It's a fun science experiment and puts my mind right back into the lab...

That's when I remember how awful grad school was and I quietly start weeping... :facepalm:

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Re: Yeast washing- yeast starters?

Post by bellybuster »

I agree, freezing is easy. I started out with a kit that I see is still available on line. I did gravitate away from the kit as once you learn it can be done quite a bit cheaper with drug store stuff.
When my "bank" was at its finest I had a dozen strains that I liked that were all held at 1st generations right from the original starter from smack pack or vial.

this is the kit that I started with. ... ropagation

this is a great tutorial on freezing

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