Bottling Wine Coolers in Mason Jars

You can't leave your homebrew in primary forever! Let's talk about storage.
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Bottling Wine Coolers in Mason Jars

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Hey all,

SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) really enjoys the sweet, fruity kit wines like Niagara Mist, etc. They're usually pretty low alcohol content and we boost it to around 8-9% depending on what we have on hand. They're more like wine coolers than wine.

Long story short, these types of wines we bottle in mason jars. It's super convenient and chill quickly, and mason jars are trendy with the ladies.

The 250mL wide mouth versions serve as single-serving wine coolers. Get the jars with the wide mouths, since they're easier to clean, sanitize and drink from. Same is true for the bigger jars, really.

They're easily re-used for both brewing and non-brewing purposes, too. A bonus in my book.

I'm sure some of you do this, too. Just thought I'd share for those who haven't considered it yet.

PS: They wouldn't be suitable for carbonated drinks.

Example stock photos:
en-H778782de8a2943418cbc6e9521114039A.jpeg (1.08 MiB) Viewed 4429 times
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