Thoughts on moving to kegging small batches

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Thoughts on moving to kegging small batches

Post #1 by twistandstout » 1 week ago

I've lately been considering making the jump to kegging my beers as my home is becoming littered with empty beer bottles. I am also brewing more than ever and am inevitably now running out of said spare bottles. However, I only brew small batches of beer, usually ending up with 3 gallons on bottling day. I am aware that one can purchase 3 gallon kegs, but was wondering how much an initial setup like this would cost me money wise? Also, if I'd transfer my fermented beer to a keg and force carb, what are the consequences of the keg not being completely full? Would the c02 in the keg now prevent oxidation from occurring? I am asking because it is possible my batches are not exactly 3 gallons.

Further, how long can one keep the kegged beer? Admittedly, I do not drink beer all that often. I usually serve my beers at parties or drink more of it in the summer months. Would I be able to just keep the keg in the fridge for a few weeks/months as if the beer were bottled and take it out when I wanted to serve it? Or does the keg need to be drunk quickly?

I'm just trying to weigh the advantages of kegging before jumping into it. I believe it would save me a lot of time and space, but I'm primarily contemplating whether it is a financially and tactically sound move considering my current beer consumption.

Thanks! :cheers:
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Re: Thoughts on moving to kegging small batches

Post #2 by brhenrio » 1 week ago

A two tap setup will run you at least 300$ and that is with cheap parts. Biggest cost is regulator, taps and co2 tank. And fridge. Look into how you will gwt co2 before you buy. Im on a tank exchange program so i never bought a tank. I find my kegged beers keep longer as there is less exposure to air. I have a stout that has been in the kegerator since april and it is still doing great. It all depends on the style of beer, but to me kegs keep better than bottles.
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Re: Thoughts on moving to kegging small batches

Post #3 by hawkbox » 5 days ago

Kegging can be as expensive as you want to make it, I lucked out and had a Costco kegerator already that I just converted. Over time though I've started building a Keezer and I am probably $500 into parts for it. 4 taps, going with expensive Perlick ones, multiple lines, kegs, etc... I suspect I've already spent whatever I save not buying beer on this Keezer. Which is kind of funny cause I'm running a really ghetto brew rig.

I have a couple SMaSh brews from early August in the keezer still but I don't tend to have beer stick around very long.
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Re: Thoughts on moving to kegging small batches

Post #4 by Reignman » 5 days ago

I have been kegging since 1998. It took me a long time to get more kegs, tanks, taps, etc. I bottle ( CPBF ) only when I take beer to pool parties, cottage etc. I don't mind bottling, but wait until all of my kegs are full to do it. That has never happened :)
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Re: Thoughts on moving to kegging small batches

Post #5 by twistandstout » 3 days ago

I'm definitely considering it, but will focus more on perfecting fermentation temps first. I now own a wine fridge that can allow my beers to ferment at a cool 18C for the first important days of fermentation. I need to get some new pails that will fit the fridge. My next project will be to try lagering. I'm pretty excited to try brewing my first Schwarzbier. I'll look into kegging afterwards!

Thanks a lot for the info.

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