Glad I Didn't Give Up

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Glad I Didn't Give Up

Post #1 by Patrickivan » 1 month ago

2 weeks ago I kegged the best homebrew I ever made. And as a beer lover, I'm not even kidding when I say it's actually one of the better beers I've enjoyed in general.

It was just a simple beer. 6 and 6lbs of Munich and 2 Row. I did multi-temp mash for the first time. Some hops of course. Ale yeast. Just the right citrus hoppiness without being overpowering (can still taste the beer). About 4.5%. A very drinkable, wish it were summer beer.

I am so glad I was convinced here to not give up.

The last wheat was good too for that matter.

And I just did a kit from OBK. The Abbey Ale. In my new 16 gallon mash king my wife got me for Christmas!!! It helped make brew day so much easier!

Next up is a Kilkenny cream ale when I find a good recipe.

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Re: Glad I Didn't Give Up

Post #2 by brhenrio » 1 month ago

Good work! It is very rewarding when the beers turn out excellent!
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Re: Glad I Didn't Give Up

Post #3 by Warthaug » 1 month ago

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Re: Glad I Didn't Give Up

Post #4 by hawkbox » 4 weeks ago

My wife got me that kettle for my birthday, it's worked a treat. Congrats man.

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