Fading Hops

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Fading Hops

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I have a question about Hops. Since I just finished brewing my first beer... I started drinking this beer when it was only 2 weeks old. It was great! And the Perle and Cascade hops were so delicious, fruity, minty, citrus flavored. But the beer has been conditioning now for a while only about another week and I've noticed the Hop flavor has really mellowed. Am I just getting used to it?? Is it my imagination? Or is this typical of beer conditioning? I wonder if I'm going to turn into a hop head :) Don't get me wrong, the beer still tastes great but seem to have left me wanting more.


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Re: Fading Hops

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Getting used to it might have something to do with it. I bet someone more knowledgeable like ihomebrewing can tell you more
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Re: Fading Hops

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Your senses aren't deceiving you.

There are several reasons why the hop characteristics diminish over time.

The quick and dirty of it is this:

There are alpha and beta acids in hops that provide bittering and aroma to your brew, respectively.

These acid resins have a volatility that can cause them to dissipate over time. (More so with bottled beer, as the aromas will move into the head space of the bottle, and leak out from the cap seal). This happens more with aroma character than bitterness.

The next culprit is physical degradation of the fragile hop aroma compounds. This can be sped up by various conditions:

1) Heat
2) Oxidation from oxygen exposure
3) Light degradation (particularly bad if you store your brew in clear or green glass bottles).

By keeping these factors in mind, you can slow the dissipation of your hop flavour profile in your favorite beer, but fresh is always best (at least when it comes to IPAs).

I have had dogfish head 60min IPA fresh from the liquor store, and one that was in my dad's fridge for about a month, and there was a world of difference.

Some hop heads counter act this by adding an inline hop infuser (ref Randall the Enamel Animal) to their dispensing setup....'cause you can never have enough HOPS!



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Re: Fading Hops

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[quote="ihomebrewing....'cause you can never have enough HOPS!



Hear hear, well said.

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