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Posted: |08 Jun 2018|, 17:27
by Microbrewology
Hey folks,

Did my first BIAB recently for a partial grain recipe, had 2 lb of rye and a 1/4 lb of acidulated malt.
The portion where I encountered some uncertainty was when the saccharification was finished I drained and squeezed the grain bag to get the last of the fluids out.
As I did that it seemed to keep producing a viscous, sweet tasting, fluid coming off. Since it tasted sweet I figured I wanted it in the wort, so I dumped a few cups of hot water on the bag and squeezed some more until I'd gotta most of it.

Is this an issue due to potentially insufficient water volume used during the mash, a characteristic of BIAB, or something I wasn't supposed to do?



Posted: |09 Jun 2018|, 05:41
by Reignman
Looks to me you just sparged your grains after the mash. How hot was the water? 168 F max is what I go for. I don't see any issues with what you did.


Posted: |10 Jun 2018|, 02:21
by brhenrio
Nope all you did was sparge the bag. You can get away with not doing it but your efficiency will suffer. And as reignman said do not go over 168-170 with sparge water as you could start extracting tannins.


Posted: |10 Jun 2018|, 12:31
by ECH
Probably wouldn't hurt to throw a pound or 2 of 2 row or pilsner malt in with your other grains to help them convert.

Next step up from there is a small one to all grain BIAB, mind you depends on your set up. I only have an 8 gallon pot so can only do about 12lbs of grain. If I need more than that, then I have to supplement with DME