Brewing hard soda

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Brewing hard soda

Post by Th3smok3y » 1 year ago

I have been looking and can not find a recipe for making a hard soda with the extracts that is straight forward and consistent. Have any of you tried to make hard soda with the extracts?

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Re: Brewing hard soda

Post by brhenrio » 1 year ago

I have never tried to make a hard soda. I think it might be a case of over sweetening and then cold crashing when alcohol and taste are right. But i have never done it.
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Re: Brewing hard soda

Post by Mr_Tastyfish » 1 year ago

I'm pretty sure that most makers of commercially available hard sodas use extracts for flavouring, and neutral spirits (vodka) for alcohol content... the rest is just carbonated water and perhaps a few additives for mouthfeel and shelf stability. As far as brewing one, I've got no experience to offer.

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Re: Brewing hard soda

Post by Reignman » 1 year ago

I thought just mix it all up in a keg and carb it up. Got to be cheaper than those 4 cans of pop my wife buys from the liquor store.

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Re: Brewing hard soda

Post by XXXXX » 1 year ago

Yup I also vote mix it all together and keg carbonate.

That'd be a lot of hard root beer/cream soda to get through though.
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