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Trub loss

Posted: |17 May 2017|, 09:44
by brhenrio
What does everyone do to deal with their trub in kettle? Im at a loss, i have tried several methods but still wind up with too much in the fermentor. Most of my trub lools like hot break. How many skim it off? I even plugged off my maximiser this brew but i think that had to do with something else.

Re: Trub loss

Posted: |17 May 2017|, 13:50
by Warthaug
Don't worry about it; there are a lot of studies out there showing that trub in the fermenter is good, having a beneficial effect on yeast similar to that of oxygen. It'l settle out during fermentation and you siphon the beer off of it after.


Re: Trub loss

Posted: |18 May 2017|, 05:31
by Reignman
I agree, trub in the fermentor isn't an issue. I use a hopstopper and still get trub in my fermentor but I don't worry about it.