No fermentation yet...

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Re: No fermentation yet...

Post by SeanGodd »

How much time did you give the pack to swell? I normally smack it the day before but that's just personal preference.

If it didn't swell you could've had really low viable cell count which would be why it took so long to see signs of ferment. Just took the little guys longer to propagate :)

Or you had a faulty pack and the nutrient didn't get to the yeasties.

Glad its on its way now. Good luck with this batch and hope the next one goes faster for ya.

Sean Goddard
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Re: No fermentation yet...

Post by guillaume »

I smacked it like 1 hour before pitching it, and I left it at the fermentation temp.


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Re: No fermentation yet...

Post by ECH »

I have smacked packs 3-4hrs before pitching, got very little to no swelling and the yeast was fine, it is just the type of yeast used takes a little longer than normal to get going.

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