3 burner stove

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3 burner stove

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I have a 3 burner camp stove it is a camp chef, with 3 - 30,000 btu burners ,has any one ever tried to use one like this. Was putting my camping stuff away today and realized it way work, it is beefy enough to hold the weight ,what you all think?

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Re: 3 burner stove

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Will of course depend how big of batches you are planning to do. I've got a bayou sp10, think its 180k btu and works pretty well for my 5-6 gallon batches but still takes a kittle while to get to boil, not sure if 30k would be enough for a good rolling boil... I guess you could always throw 5 or 6 gallons of water in a pot and see if it can boil it...

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