Checking on Fermentation

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Checking on Fermentation

Post by Walcifur »

So, I did my first homebrew - an extract beer, and thought the result was ok. I wanted some layers to my next batch so I have planned out a nice partial mash porter. I plan on about a week in the primary and two in the secondary. I had everything planned out and have all my ingredients, and then found out i have to go away for work for 12 days of the two week secondary fermentation.

My question is: is it a problem to just leave a batch to do its thing and not check on it at all? I rarely looked at the first one (despite wanting to every day) - could something go drastically wrong that i need to be around to fix?
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Re: Checking on Fermentation

Post by Reignman »

If you are already in the secondary, then no, there shouldn't be a issue. Try to keep it at around 20C if you can though.

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