Cooler MT conversion kit

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Cooler MT conversion kit

Post by redrider736 »

Looking for a wesite that is either from Canada or that will ship to us ? I am wanting a Cooler MT Conversion kit. You will be amazed how many of the Homebrew US sites that will not ship up North.

Something like this from ... -PLUS.html

I have tried the DYI route, but can't get things to fit right.

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Re: Cooler MT conversion kit

Post by Sixstring78 »

I haven't seen any conversion kits like that on any Canadian site, but you could probably get that whole assembly(not in SS) at Home Hardware for less money.
Here's a link to a thread I did on a simple all grain setup. You could probably get your cooler, and everything you need to convert it to a mash tun for about $70.
There's a link to a YouTube video that is very easy to follow. I made what was in the video and it works great.
Hope this helps.

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Re: Cooler MT conversion kit

Post by ihomebrewing »

IHB will be carrying a version of a weldless setup like this in the near future. It is one of the many backlogged projects that are on the go.

PM me, and we can get you setup with something.



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