i think i made a mistake...!

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i think i made a mistake...!

Post by alehammered »

Hi i was taking a reading on my primary bucket but when i poured beer into the hydrometer tube , tequila from the spiggot got sucked in the bucket , maybe like a small quantity, but did i just infect my beer?? i hope not because that beer was going very well... also i have another question when i starter my beer my first reading was 1.058 and now its at 1.020 are these normal numbers for a bock style beer??

Thanks a lot guys!

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Re: i think i made a mistake...!

Post by Skinner »

If the beer is infected it's not because of the tequila. No worries there.

As for the gravity reading - it still has a way to go. Depending on your yeast you should reasonably expect something in the range of 1.015. Give it some more time. I leave my ales in primary for 3 to 4 weeks then keg them. Even after the initial vigorous fermentation period is complete and you've hit your FG the yeast still continue to work, cleaning up after themselves.


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