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Coopers Ginger Beer... Any Good?

Posted: |01 Jul 2016|, 10:37
by Mr_Tastyfish
This was kind of an impulse buy while I was at the LHBS picking up bottle-caps. Ms_Tastyfish quite enjoys a few ginger beers, and we had too many empty carboys, so a can of extract and a bag of bulk store golden yellow sugar seemed too simple not to try. Has anyone else tried the Coopers Ginger Beer? I'd love to get an idea of what to expect from it.

Re: Coopers Ginger Beer... Any Good?

Posted: |19 Sep 2016|, 10:42
by Mr_Tastyfish
Bottled this yesterday... Still not clear, even after racking to secondary with gelatin as a clearing agent (I don't normally use gelatin in my beers) Tasted okay to me, tons of ginger flavour and aroma... shooting for around 2vol. CO2. I think we're going to put these away for a while and see if they eventually clear in the bottles.