totally stupid or uninformed

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Re: totally stupid or uninformed

Post by ECH » 4 years ago

Been there done that. I am in the hobby business with a shop and website, and deal with Paypal almost on a daily basis. Even with overwhelming evidence to support your case, they will almost always side with the buyer.

It's to the point now that I won't ship anything Internationally (outside of Canada & US) if it doesn't have some form of tracking number so when a customer says it didn't arrive...I can go to the tracking and say...oh yes my friend, and you even signed for it!

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Re: totally stupid or uninformed

Post by JimmehBrew » 4 years ago

ruf1 wrote:Wanna buy a really nice piece of mint jimmy,good deal, today only..LOL


Ruf out of this darkness I see a light, well actually a Dark Chocolate Mint Stout brew in your future ?

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Re: totally stupid or uninformed

Post by ruf1 » 4 years ago

Thx jimmy

Only tried 1 stout in my life, maybe its time to brew 1 and see how it turns out.


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