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Opinions on Robobrew (E-BIAB)

Posted: |28 Sep 2017|, 18:06
by Split Rock Alex
Hey everyone!

So I'm interested in starting all grain homebrewing in the near future. I have a couple extract brews under my belt and I brew commercially with Split Rock Brewing Co. We brew in a two 200qt kettle E-BIAB system from Colorado Brewing Systems. I've noticed that the Robobrew and similar all in one E-BIAB systems like the Grainfather are very similar to our setup on a homebrew scale. I'm interested if anyone has had experience with these sorts of brew systems, the Robobrew in particular.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Opinions on Robobrew (E-BIAB)

Posted: |04 Jul 2022|, 01:19
by YMS_1975
I don't have an opinion on RoboBrew, but I have to say it's consoling to know that my posts aren't the only ones not being responded to. :rockon:

Re: Opinions on Robobrew (E-BIAB)

Posted: |21 Jul 2022|, 10:39
by Bodhi
I've had one for a few years. I also have a grainfather water heater for sparging. I like it. I don't find my efficiency is terribly great, but at least it is consistent.
I bought a place with a big shop, so I am moving on to a Cal electric brewery clone and will pass on my old setup to a new brewer.
Good luck and post back if you have any questions about it.