C02 Tank in Fridge

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C02 Tank in Fridge

Post #1 by Reignman » 3 months ago

I read that if you put your C02 tank in the fridge you use 2 times the amount of C02 because it is cold. Is this true? I have a Danby beer fridge and put my 5 lb. tank in the fridge beside my keg. I carb downstairs and only use the fridge for serving.
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Re: C02 Tank in Fridge

Post #2 by Genghis » 2 months ago

I've heard the same thing. I keep my tank in the fridge as well, but I'm getting roughly the same number of kegs per tank as others, so I don't think it's true.
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Re: C02 Tank in Fridge

Post #3 by brhenrio » 2 months ago

I cant see how you would use any more by having a cold co2 can. Colder = smaller volume, but at the same time it will be in solution at a pressure. I can see it making a very minor difference but not twice the amount.
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