rhizomes for sale

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Re: rhizomes for sale

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oro wrote:I have the Centennial and the Fuggle sprouting well about 2-3" tall - the Golding is not sprouting yet
Yeah, my golding was behind the others as well. Mt. Hood were the first up, and are still the biggest, followed closely by the Chinook.

The Fuggles and golding were a little slower, but they are all up 3-4' now.

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Re: rhizomes for sale

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happy to to hear that the plants are doing well,some cuttings just never do well, i have 3 cascade that are 3rd year and the bines are not what the hoods and other types are in girth or in growth.......but i hate to brag how well mine are really doing.
I put 2.5 inch pipes in the concrete and my guy wire from ground to top is 18 feet, most of my bines have grown higher than the guy wire already,the cascades are 3 feet under the wire as they dont do as well as others.
I have seen not one aphid so far this spring and there is lady bug eggs starting to appear under some leaves,hope thats not a sign that aphids are on the way :O anyway, i wish you all luck on your hop growing and thx for the orders for rhizomes. :) :cheers: :cheers:

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