Are you part of a Canadian homebrewing club or association? Tell us about it!
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Post #1 by Tony » 6 years ago

Although I have yet to make a meeting, I'm part of the BrewNosers

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Re: BrewNosers

Post #2 by jeffsmith » 6 years ago

Tony wrote:Although I have yet to make a meeting, I'm part of the BrewNosers

As am I. I've yet to make a meeting as well, but I've less excuses about that since I'm just a touch closer than Tony. :lol:
The Brewnosers

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Re: BrewNosers

Post #3 by elreplica » 1 year ago

I as well am a Brewnoser who never attends meets. Too busy making and drinking it...makes driving a lot tougher and I don't want to risk that! It would be nice to have a chapter closer to home.

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