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Fraser Valley

Posted: |22 Nov 2014|, 19:32
by Davehenry
Does anyone know of a homebrewing club in the Fraser Valley. I'm looking for something on the Southside of the river. I'm in South Langley and haven't run into any other homebrewers.

Re: Fraser Valley

Posted: |23 Nov 2014|, 11:12
by lylo
The best way to find interest is to post a note at the closest LHBS stores.

Re: Fraser Valley

Posted: |29 Jul 2015|, 18:28
by cmacdawg
Have you found a club yet?
We have a club consisting of Abbotsford and Chilliwack brewers.
We tend to rotate the meetings back and forth.
Most of us have gotten together through True North Brew Supply.
We are always welcoming new members.
Check us out on Facebook ... =bookmarks