Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

Post by XXXXX » 2 years ago

Happy new year y'all! I guess it's time to start a new "how many liters thread" eh? :) Who wants to do the honors?

All the best in 2017 folks :)
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Re: Happy New Year!

Post by brhenrio » 2 years ago

Happy new year!
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Re: Happy New Year!

Post by SmokeyMcB » 2 years ago

Happy new year peeps!!
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Re: Happy New Year!

Post by Venari » 2 years ago

What's so happy about it?

Hope you all had a safe week!
I've never understood the policy against "necro threads" on almost every forum. Why tell us to use the search function for a particular topic, then complain when an older thread has a new post in it?

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