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Complete newbie, needing info!

Posted: |31 Jul 2017|, 14:46
by KingCharles55
Hello everyone!

I am brand new to this forum and completely new to the hobby of homebrew, but I am passionate about beers and looking for a fun new hobby that incorporates my love of science (being a BSc. Biochem).
I will explain my situation here and hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

I live in Edmonton Alberta, in a 40 year old wood frame apartment with no AC, 2 bedrooms with both indoor and outdoor storage rooms.
Space may be an issue, temperature control is also a big issue as we are on the 3rd floor and need to keep our fans running all summer long to not bake to death.
I spoke to several friends of mine, 2 of which own restaurants they started from simple homebrew hobbies themselves. They suggested skipping the kits and going straight to all-grain.
I am a big fan of Witbier, Hefeweizens, IPA and Double IPA, Tripels (La Fin Du Monde is my current favorite beer) and Red Ales.

What I would like to know is what online resources or books are recommended for the complete beginner and what equipment would work well for a smaller operation? Are there any sites or posts on this forum that contain pre-made equipment lists to price out?

Thanks for the help!

Re: Complete newbie, needing info!

Posted: |31 Jul 2017|, 19:01
by brhenrio
Google how to brew by jim palmer. It is considered the bible for new brewers. You can buy latest version or read a free online veraion which is good enough.

I agree with your buddies, skip the extract kits, but i would still buy recipe kits. In edmonton the winning wines plus in the lendrum shopping centre is a great place to buy. (Im two hours northeast).

I would seriously look at the grainfather in your situation as you may only have access to 112V power, but electric or small batch brewing is where you should go. Small batch you can still do stovetop. (2.5 gallons or less) .

Welcome to the forum!