Regulator question

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Regulator question

Post #1 by Haiden_Grimfreid » 1 year ago

I was messing with the pressure on one of my kegs yesterday and i decided to turn the pressure down on it, but when i did it seemed like the regulator was bleeding pressure off the co2 cylinder instead of the keg, so i stopped messing with it. Is there an easy fix for this? or should i get a new regulator. im pretty well positive that it was bleeding off the tank not the keg as i can hear the co2 tank releasing gas.
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Re: Regulator question

Post #2 by brhenrio » 1 year ago

I know that with my regulator if i lower presssure on it, it does not lower the pressure in the keg, i have to release thjs pressure myself by pulling the safety pin. How to fix your problem, someone with more experience will need to wiegh in.
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Re: Regulator question

Post #3 by Dave » 1 year ago

It's ok. As you lowered the pressure, the excess gas vented out the design hole.

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