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Re: Beer Making Software

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Tom wrote:Hi I download Beertarget and BrewersFriend software.

I put in a recipe I got online. The IBUs and Abv are different from the online recipe. Both softwares come up with different numbers. Does anyone know a good free software for home brewing. I am most happy with beertarget so far. I would hope it has reliable numbers.

A late response to this thread, but take note if the AA% for the hops in your recipe are both the same in each software. If both software programs use a different AA% for the hops in your recipe, the IBUs will not be the same. You'll also need to do a final adjustment in software based on the actual AA% of the hops that you actually have. :)

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Re: Beer Making Software

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I have 2 different AA% of german magnum hops and have to adjust them in my software all the time. Maybe buy in bulk?

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Re: Beer Making Software

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Tom wrote:I was looking for a download of this BIAB but couldnt find it. I am interested in making a beer with 6 abv and ibu of about 35 to 45. Know any good recipes?

Anyone ever buy from

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