Question about Freeze Distillation

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Re: Question about Freeze Distillation

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Thanks guys I enjoyed those replies :cheers:

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Re: Question about Freeze Distillation

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I did quite a bit of research on methanol, as any good home brewer should, and what I found was that even harmless products like orange juice can actually have 10-50x the amount of methanol as a sugarmash. But even that concentration is still in the 225mg *max* range per liter, which is well under the maximum 600mg/day of methanol that a 60kg (130lb) person is estimated to be able to handle in a day. The lethal amount is 80,000mg, not sure at what level you start to lose your eyesight though....
But of course, the dangers come from unwanted bacteria that is NOT the yeast producing additional methanol in fermentation.


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