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Post #1 by DougEdey » 6 years ago

So after a random discussion today, I was wondering how hard would it be to make Perry?

I was hoping to go to a local-ish orchard and getting pear cider to ferment or seeing if I can get a press.

Has anyone had any experience with Perry? what would you recommend? Tips &/or tricks?
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Re: Perry?

Post #2 by blacktiebrewing » 6 years ago

Haven`t made one before. I`d assume it would be along the lines of a regular cider but I`m not sure.
Hopefully someone else has some experience; if not you`ll be blazing a trail for us :D
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Re: Perry?

Post #3 by DougEdey » 6 years ago

It'll only be if I can find enough local pear juice!
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Re: Perry?

Post #4 by migrantworkable » 5 years ago

Here is a recipe for perry from Winemaker's Recipe Handbook. I know this thread is old, but if anybody else is looking to make perry, here it is. The ingredients are word for word, but the instructions are odd because the recipe was beside a pear wine recipe.

1 gallon of pear juice (12-14lbs)
sugar to 1.060 S.G.
1/2 tsp Pectic Enzyme
3/4 tsp Energizer
1 Campden, crush
1 pkg Champ yeast

Use ripe to firm-ripe pears. Wash, drain, remove stems, cut in half and core. Cut into smaller pieces. Use nylon straining bag (or press) mash and strain out juice into primary fermentor. As juice is extracted immediately add Campden to prevent spoilage and browning. Keep all pulp in bag, tie top and place in primary. Stir in all other ingredients except yeast. Cover primary. After 23 hours, add yeast. Cover primary. Stir daily, check S.G. and press pulp lightly to aid extraction. When ferment reaches S.G. 1.040 (3-5 days) strain juice lightly from bag. Syphon off wine sediment into glass secondary. Attach airlock. When ferment reaches 1.000 (about 3 weeks) syphon off sediment into clean secondary. Reattach lock. To aid clearing syphon again in 2 months and again if necessary before bottling.
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