Staghorn sumac wine

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Staghorn sumac wine

Post by twistandstout »

Staghorn sumac grows in abundance on my property. I begun making lemonade, or 'sumac-ade,' with it last summer and it is pretty amazing. It's a really nice tart lemony summer drink. I wanted to take this a step further by adding sugar to it and fermenting it with a champagne yeast. I made dandelion wine for the first time earlier this summer, so I would most likely follow the steps I took to make that wine but replace dandelions with sumac berries.

Alternatively, I was also thinking about just making a sumac mead for added body.

Any opinions? I'd most likely make only a gallon as I usually do since I don't drink very often and don't want to be stuck with gallons of wine.


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Re: Staghorn sumac wine

Post by Warthaug »

I've used it in a berliner weisse once, and it was pretty good. I'm thinking of doing it in a mead as well. I've found its taste is pretty mild, so I'm not sure a wine would have much character.
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