My first cider!

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My first cider!

Post by mrbrewski »

Hi everybody, first time long time... I'm just starting into brewing and would like to start doing beers eventually, but I thought I would start with a small project first that I can get some quick results and fun out of so I’m going to try a hard apple/cranberry cider. I’ve been looking around on the ‘Net and have found lots of good recipes, so I’ve settled on kind of a mishmash of recipes I like. Here’s what I plan to do, please let me know what you think:

For primary (1 gallon glass jug):

- 3L fresh-pressed apple cider (Costco has a good pressed cider available)
- 1L PC Organics pure cranberry juice
- ¼ can frozen apple juice concentrate
- ½ cup brown sugar
- ¼ teaspoon acid blend
- ¼ teaspoon pectic enzyme
- ¼ teaspoon yeast nutrient
- ¼ teaspoon yeast (Lavlin EC1118? Nottingham Ale Yeast? Not sure which one to go with)

I will rack to secondary in another gallon jug once fermentation settles down in the primary and leave for about 2 weeks before bottling (will be sanitizing everything of course). The cider will be bottled in 500ml Hacker-Pschorr swing-top beer bottles, with ¼ teaspoon dextrose in each one for back-carbonation. I’ll try to wait a couple more weeks after bottling before sampling. 

Any tips, tricks, warnings, etc. would be appreciated! Looking forward to chatting more about home brewing!

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Re: My first cider!

Post by JimmehBrew »

Careful of your additions , the cranberry juice acidity might hinder fermentation, maybe add as a later addition and check that the apple con ain't Tate and the cranberry juice don't have preservatives in them

Phosphorous sulfate are some of the perservitives to watch for in store bought juices.

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