Dumbest mistake while making mead

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Dumbest mistake while making mead

Post #1 by twistandstout » 2 years ago

So I made my third batch of mead the other day, 1 gallon. I had wildflower, raspberry, and blueberry honey that I wasn't using so I used around 2.5-2.7 pounds for a gallon of water. So I add the honey, water, nutrient, energizer. I shake it up to make it homogenous. I hydrate my yeast, put the slurry in, etc. So I decide to check gravity. 1.13. I'm shocked. How the hell can it be so high?? Oh well, put airlock on, put in basement. Start preparing the hops to dry-hop my beer. Notice bottle of water on my counter. Immediately realize I forgot to top up to water in the gallon jug to a gallon, and that only around 3/4 of the jug was full. I curse. I take the water, go in the basement, open the airlock, put the water in. Put airlock back on.

Now, I just googled my hydrometer reading of 1.13.

Literally just realized that reading was taken in the 3/4 jug, before all the water had been added.

:facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
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Re: Dumbest mistake while making mead

Post #2 by interior_mike » 2 years ago

how have your mead's been turning out? i've been toying with the idea...how long do they need to "age"

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