Stabilizing & Back Sweetening

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Stabilizing & Back Sweetening

Post by eastcoastcam » 3 years ago

My first batch of strawberry wine is almost ready to bottle. I find it a little bit on the dry side and would like to sweeten it a bit to make it a little more easy drinking. I am wondering when I should stabilize it and how I should go about back sweetening it. I have Potassium Sorbate to stabilize it and Campden tablets.

Last racking (a few nights ago) I did not add the Campden tablet. I was thinking to crush that and add it now. How soon after should I add the Potassium Sorbate? And then how should I go about sweetening? I was thinking to draw a bottle out of the carboy and adding some sugar and lime juice (citrus to aid in dissolving the sugar and a hint of citrus flavour) to it to get it into solution, then putting it back into the carboy for the next week or 2 before bottling. I don't want to add the sugar to water and dilute my wine any further, as I have already done that once.

Thoughts please?
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Re: Stabilizing & Back Sweetening

Post by lumpy5oh » 3 years ago

First off nice Jeep! I drive an 01 Wrangler.
I made a hard lemonade a couple of years ago. From what I recall is that I only used the potassium sorbate after fermentation and then back sweetened as I kegged.
To me your plan sounds good. You can sample and adjust the level of sweetness before bottling.
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