Bleeding corks

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Bleeding corks

Post by Venari » 4 years ago

So the wine bottles have been sitting on their side for a while, and I noticed a few of the corks are bleeding some sort of pink syrupy ooze. As the wine itself is white, I don't know where it's coming from.

Before corking, the corks were sitting in OneStep sanitiser (white powder in a gallon of water). The bottles are on a shelf in a closet on a wine rack.

Any idea what's oozing out of my corks?
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Re: Bleeding corks

Post by Winger » 4 years ago

The only things in your bottles are wine and sanitiser. If the corks are actual cork they are supposed to breath and sometimes they leak a small amount. One or the other may be oxidizing as it comes into contact with air. Relax and enjoy the wine.
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