Bentonite in a kit - late addition?

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Bentonite in a kit - late addition?

Post #1 by Venari » 3 years ago

In the costco kit of white wine I've mixed up, were a couple packages of Bentonite that I had forgotten to add on day 1.

Week 3, I had to add the potassium metabisulfite and potassium sorbate, and that's when I noticed I had missed the bentonite.

Can I still add the bentonite now, or am I better off not putting it in?
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Re: Bentonite in a kit - late addition?

Post #2 by Screwtop » 3 years ago

You can add it now it will just help it will have to rack it and de-gas it anyway
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Re: Bentonite in a kit - late addition?

Post #3 by JimmehBrew » 3 years ago

Or you can just leave it out , not really necessary at this point after the other stuff idle added. Bentonite can also be used as a clearing agents at any point though. I use to use it for clearing my ciders before bottling. Use your isling glass and see how it clears first.

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