Is this infected?

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Is this infected?

Post by Venari » 4 years ago

Today I checked on a batch of wine I made from a Costco kit. All my other airlocks were being used for beer, so I thought a bit of tape with a tiny hole would suffice. I had assumed that fermentation would have created a positive air pressure that would have prevented air from going in.

Now there seems to be a lot of foam and what appears to be sediment on the glass above the foam. The airlocked carbouy doesnt have that.

Do you think this batch will end up getting dumped? I dont smell anything bad coming from that carbouy.
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Re: Is this infected?

Post by Goulaigan » 4 years ago

Looks like pretty normal yeast activity to me, I don't have much experience with wine but if that were beer I wouldn't be concerned at all... Personally I probably would have went with plastic wrap (sanitized) and an elastic instead of tape though

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Re: Is this infected?

Post by SmokeyMcB » 4 years ago

Yeah, that looks fine to me too. Wine krausen is usually a lot different than a beer krausen in my experiences. I wouldn't worry too much, although I would get an airlock, or at least a condom (not lubricated, ribbed or not your choice) or balloon with a pin hole.
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