Why does my cider taste like apple moonshine?

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Re: Why does my cider taste like apple moonshine?

Post #11 by Mr_Tastyfish » 3 years ago

Update: Ms. Tastyfish and I sampled another bottle of this batch recently, and it certainly has improved with age. It's quite dry, but the harshness has faded and it now tastes much more like a cider should. There's still room for improvement on the recipe, but at least it's drinkable. Perhaps by spring it will be even better.
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Re: Why does my cider taste like apple moonshine?

Post #12 by Doc_Drive » 3 years ago

Farmers in the village that I grew up in used to age their ciders for >1 year... They were using mainly apples from their pastures. Pears and cherries would be distilled... Man do I miss that stuff! Haha

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