Apple-Lime Cider

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Apple-Lime Cider

Post by Impending Disaster » 5 years ago

After a few batches of simple cider I thought I'd try using Sunripe Apple Lime juice. I used 12 liters of Apple Lime and 8 liters plain apple. Fermented it about a month with EC 1118 and two cups of white sugar.Gravity went from 1.049 to 1.002. (Ca. 6.2% ABV) Kegged it 3 weeks ago and tossed it in the kegerator on the CO2 (my cider is drinkable fresh but I find a few extra weeks just sitting really helps). Tapped it the other day. It went down pretty well but wasn't quite what I was looking for.

I would definitely do it again, but I would probably cut back on the Apple-Lime. The Lime taste is just a little too strong--which is weird because I like the juice as-is, and the cider is only 60% apple-lime. I thought I should have back sweetened it when I first tried it but my last night it seemed pretty good, nice and tart but not overly done. Still a bit limey, though. Next time I will also forego the extra sugar in the fermenter and keep the ABV nice and low. Perhaps a switch to Nottinham yeast, too, to keep it from drying out entirely (this is what the internet suggests, at least some of the time. I don't see why the internet keeps changing its mind on stuff).
It's bound to be summer sometime, and I'd like to have a nice low alcohol grog for sitting and looking at the weeds grow.

Has anyone made a simple Apple Raspberry cider with store-bought juice? I'm thinking of doing a small 3 gallon keg's worth for SWMBKFFOHMISOHBEAS* For 11 or 12 liters, I'm wondering how much of it should be raspberry? I'm thinking only 2-3 but I will defer to the advice of the more experienced.

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Re: Apple-Lime Cider

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